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JOHANNA moffitt

Johanna Moffitt
Artistic director

American soprano, Johanna Moffitt, relocated from Western New York to Chicago where they have since been making a splash across the Chicago arts scene. They have performed all over the Windy City, making a name for themselves particularly in the repertoire of Puccini and Mozart where their “brilliant and silvery” voice especially shines. 


As a producer, they have sought to bring accessible performances to non-traditional venues with 501(c)3 company /kor/ productions. They are proud to be part of the female run team at /kor/ productions to help bring innovative experiences to new audiences unlike anything they participated in before.


As a director, Johanna has led and co-led several projects. Among their favorites are BOHEME 2.0, an innovative take on the Puccini classic in which the entire cast was spread across the continental United States. They worked hard to help the cast find ways to connect with the audience and each other across the world wide web, and were successful doing so, reaching over 3,000 audience members worldwide.


In their spare time, Johanna very much enjoys teaching in their private voice studio, performing as a storyteller, and hanging out with their adorable pups, George and Charlie.

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