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about /kor/

/kor/ productions is a female RUN, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

/kor/ productions was founded in Chicago in 2014. Our plan was to bring opera to non-traditional audiences, through the use of non-traditional venues, staging, and translations. And it worked! We created experiences for our audiences unlike anything they participated in before.

We were hugely successful because we brought high caliber art to bars, coffeehouses, and homes, places where people already went. These places welcomed our partnership because we brought them more business. We gave an opportunity to up and coming performers to try new roles, and prepare them for larger companies. We were inventive with our staging, immersing our audiences in the performance to make them feel part of the story, without being on top of them. We were creative with how we communicated what was happening to the audience, uniquely crafting that for each different production.

Now, in 2021, we have expanded our horizons. We now include film, theater and dance in our mission, and use the genres interchangeably. Our mission to expand the opera audience through bringing new and different experiences hasn’t changed, and we will continue to make these new genres just as approachable for our current supporters as well as new audiences.

We have created a new Board, where the arts, business, and finance are equally represented. This will ensure our mission is forward-looking, and that we are keeping a balanced look at our capabilities as well as our creative possibilities.

We can continue to bring the arts to a new audience with your support. Follow us on social media. Donate to our company. Volunteer to greet people as they come in to watch a show. Join our board.

As always, we thank you for supporting /kor/ productions as we continue in our mission to bring non-traditional, approachable art to new audiences everywhere.




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