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/kor/ productions announces auditions for its upcoming workshop, a digital reading of Arrows & Apples, a new play by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom.  Information on how to apply, play description, character breakdown, and sample monologues from the show may be found below. 

Submission information: 

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Arrows and Apples. Please follow the instructions below carefully, and feel free to email our artistic director, Johanna Moffitt, with any questions at


  1. Create a folder with your name on it in the Google folder linked below.

  2. Upload your headshot, resume and two contrasting monologue videos in that folder with your name on it.

  3. If your contact information is not on your resume, leave a way to contact you in the folder.

  4. Create a list of which characters you may be interested in your folder.

Upload your submission

Application Deadline: April 1, 2022

Time Commitment & Compensation: 

Total Hours: 4 hours 

Compensation: $100 stipend 

Arrows & Apples 

by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

May 22, 3 pm CST


The only woman among Jason's Argonauts, Atalanta is the best hunter, swiftest runner, and the all-around most eligible bachelorette in ancient Greece. She’s also sworn to never marry. When forced to find a mate, she decides to wed any man who can defeat her in a race.  Atalanta is fast, but can she out run her Fate?  She might not have to, as her own choices make her life her own!  A classic Greek myth retold through the eyes of Pan, the God of the Wild.

Character Breakdown: 




(In Order of Appearance)

Pan -- God of the Wild

King Iasus -- Ruler of Arcadia, father of Atalanta

Artemis -- Goddess of the hunt and the moon

Aphrodite -- Goddess of Love and Beauty

Atalanta -- Daughter of King Iasus, fastest and most beautiful woman on Earth


Plexippus -- A ranger, and brother to Queen Althea

Toxeus -- A hunter, and brother to Queen Althea

Good Hunter -- A hunter, and guardian to Atalanta

Meleager -- Prince of Calydon, who falls in love with Atalanta


Queen Althea -- Mother of Meleager, Queen of Calydon

Messenger -- A bringer of notices and things (can be played by same actor as Plexippus)


Melanion -- Judge who falls in love with Atalanta

Suitor 1 -- Athlete who wishes to wed Atalanta (can be played by same actor as Toxeus)

Suitor 2 -- Same as above (played by same actor as Suitor 1)

Suitor 3 -- Same as above (played by same actor as Suitors 1 & 2)



Mythic Greece



A long time ago

Sample Monologues:



He's a little melodramatic, don't you think? I know, it's my

story, I could make him different if I wanted to. But it's

good to start with a straight-forward villain. No gray area.

Now that fellow was King Iasus, ruler of the great kingdom of

Arcadia. Oooh! Hey! That brings us back to my tree

metaphor from earlier-I love it! This log I'm sitting on.

It is his kingdom. You know...Tree equals Kingdom, Kingdom

equals tree? Anyway...he brought his baby out here with the

intent of her dying. But a bit of the wild stepped in. One

of those chaotic little turns that can happen in the forest.

This baby was not a leaf cast from the tree to die. Nope.

She was a seed. An acorn. She hadn't been banished, she'd

been planted.




Fates! You have cursed me! The one man in the world who was

supposed to be safe for me to love is dead because of me.

You lied to me. Your book lied. Meleager was not tied to my

fate. He wasn't supposed to die because of me. But, no. He

gets close to me, and he dies. Now what? Am I supposed to

go through life alone? The animals have their mates, the

trees gather together. A lone oak may stand by itself

against the weather, but most trees grow in clumps, woods,

forests. I do not want to be a lone oak. His fate was tied

to that stick. Why didn't you tell me that the stick would

get burned because of me? Artemis! Have you abandoned me?

You protected me...Kept me from the influence of corrupt men,

and now I am living in the court of Iasus the Tyrant. And

what's worse, I find out that he's my father. My father!

You said I'd find out why I was a princess at the right time.

What's so right about it? Everything is wrong. Queen Althea

said she knew my lineage. How many other people know about

how I was left on the mountainside in the forest to die? How

many more people know more about who I am than I do? I

wanted Meleager. We would have been good together! And I

killed him. I killed him. I will never go near any man

again. I can't. I won't.

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