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May 22, 3 pm CST

/kor/ is delighted to announce it's next digital production - a reading of Arrows & Apples, a new play by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom to be developed into a musical.  The reading will take place on YouTube on May 22 at 3 pm CST.  The event will be followed by a talk-back with the cast and creative team.  


The only woman among Jason's Argonauts, Atalanta is the best hunter, swiftest runner, and the all-around most eligible bachelorette in ancient Greece. She’s also sworn to never marry. When forced to find a mate, she decides to wed any man who can defeat her in a race.  Atalanta is fast, but can she out run her Fate?  She might not have to, as her own choices make her life her own!  A classic Greek myth retold through the eyes of Pan, the God of the Wild.


Atalanta - Sara Law 

Pan - Emily Cox 

King Iasus/Good Hunter - Andy Babinski 

Artemis - Marianna Gallegos 

Aphrodite - Dan Plehal

Plexippus/Messenger - Kristina Newcomb 

Meleager/Melanion - Kelsey McGrath 

Toxius/Suitors - Dryden Zurawski 

Queen Althea - Darby McNeill 


Understudy - Theresa Egan 

Playwright - Christopher Kidder-Mostrom 

Technical Director - Kevin Kittle 

Producer - Johanna Moffitt

meet the cast

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